Long Term Room Rentals

Discover Extended Comfort in British Columbia – Your Ideal Long-Term Rentals!

Horseshoe Bay Motel Invites you to come and experience all that West Vancouver has to offer while enjoying your stay in the Horseshoe Bay location. You can discover seamless travel convenience at Horseshoe Bay, just a few steps away from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Embrace the ease of accessing Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, and Bowen Island, Choose us for easy access before or after your ferry journey. Our Motel is the ideal haven for remote work, reunions with loved ones, and exciting adventures. Our long-term rentals and motel accommodations cater to remote workers, families, and explorers, offering comfort and convenience for your stay.

We are proud to be the Number 1 destination for people looking for a long-term stay. Our Affordable prices and excellent customer service make Horseshoe Bay the perfect choice for long-term hotel rentals.

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When people seek long-term rentals, prioritizing comfort is a natural inclination. At Horseshoe Bay Motel, our commitment to providing a luxurious stay is firm. Through our top-notch infrastructure and amenities, we ensure that every resident experiences the utmost comfort throughout their stay with Horseshoe Bay Motel. Residents can select from several nearby restaurants, catering to various tastes and preferences. Additionally, our proximity to the captivating beauty of the Horseshoe Bay area allows residents to effortlessly explore and immerse themselves in its scenic charm.

In totality, at Horseshoe Bay Motel, we don’t just offer a place to stay; we provide an experience—a seamless blend of comfort, luxury, and easy access to the surrounding splendor for those seeking a long-term haven.

Please contact us with booking questions. Our approach is basic and quiet. Meet us in Horseshoe Bay soon!